Divide and Conquer: By splitting its courtside signage into three sections this season, the Phoenix Suns have increased exposure for these sponsors by 40%.
How a simple reconfiguration of signage brings fans closer to the court at the same time increasing brand exposure, resulting in improved ticket and sponsorship revenues.
In March, Victus Advisors conducted online surveys with 114 members of the ALSD. The goal of this survey was to measure ALSD member attitudes toward the present and future state of the premium seating industry. 
The VIP entrance to sports stadiums and arenas is being given more and more attention as are exclusive experiences along the way to the suite. And once the stage is set, these special amenities should continue throughout the duration of the event.  
As the landscape in college athletics continues to change, the athletic departments generating a successful business model are the ones that best understand the need to invest media revenues, sponsorships, and donations back into the capital of...
The experts at Navigate Research have launched an affordable solution, the Sponsorship Snapshot, to help brands, agencies, and properties determine sponsorship effectiveness and whether the sponsorship is reaching their target market. Clients will...
Yes, we really are talking about parking in this article.
Survey Says...
In June, salespeople and luxury suite holders from an NHL team took part in an in-depth survey to uncover what products customers want to buy and how to most effectively sell premium packages. Researchers:
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With an estimated 4,400 professional sport suites unsold in the United States in 2011, suite sales professionals need to present customers with premium seating information in new locations. One place for teams and venues to engage existing and new...
This study investigates buyer motivations and purchasing trends as perceived by those who sell luxury suites for college institutions, specifically those in the Southeastern Conference (SEC).
Made to Measure
Not all luxury suite holders share the same measurements. To ensure a good fit for each buyer, two competing approaches are used to track premium seating investments: Return on Objective and Return on Investment. But which one is right for you?