2022 ALSD Visionary Award: Mark Faber

Each year, ALSD awards only a small handful of recipients - the winners of our Spotlight competition, and one individual who stands out with years of accolades and widespread respect in the sports and entertainment world. This year, after careful consideration, the clear choice for the Bill Dorsey Visionary Award is Mark Faber, who will be honored at the 32nd Annual ALSD Conference & Tradeshow in New York City.

"The ALSD only gives out one award to an individual a year. We look long and hard at what really amounts to a lifetime achievement award." says Bill Dorsey, Chairman and Founder of ALSD. "We also look for intangibles; we love those who have risen up in the ranks and those who have very loyal staffs. Mark certainly fulfills all these requirements."

From starting as an intern in Miami to eventually fostering partnerships for one of the most successful venues in the world, Faber’s career is full of highlights, lessons learned, and best practices that any peer in the industry would be wise to take notes from.

Westside Ballroom, Floor 5
Start Time
3:30 p.m.