3D Virtualization Technology Builds a Preview Center and Boosts New Texas Rangers Ballpark Sales

The Rangers partnered with 3D Digital Venue to build a virtual reality model that identifies any structural conflicts and provides premium clients with an immersive tool to make seat selections.


The Texas Rangers Baseball Club took on an enormous challenge in planning the construction of its new ballpark, Globe Life Field. The ambitious project, with an estimated cost of over $1 billion, aspires to become the top venue in Major League Baseball. It is expected to open for the 2020 season. The ballpark, with a capacity of approximately 40,000 spectators and a contiguous entertainment district, presented a series of challenges that highlighted the importance of having all available tools to visualize the project in multiple dimensions.

A project of this magnitude presents many challenges the 3D Digital Venue team had to take into account. First of all, the information had to be filtered in order to move from the architectural model to the 3D model in virtual reality. This was a laborious step due to the enormous amount of data received, not only from the venue and the VIP spaces, but from all the spaces adjacent to the building that presented a high complexity.

3D Digital Venue and its interactive virtual reality solution, Virtualization3D, enabled the project team to visualize and identify any potential architectural conflicts. This Virtual3D representation of non-built venues and adjacent spaces makes sure that teams have a more refined understanding of the conflicts and enables them to resolve issues of restricted seat views, undetected design spots, and seat positioning optimization at an early stage. These reworks cause cost and time delays which affect the planned budget and fan expectations. However, with 3D Digital Venue, such disheartening delays can be tackled well in time, and the workflow can be put in the optimum place.

All premium VIP suites and spaces were digitalized through 3D Digital Venue’s interactive virtual reality solution, VIP3D. This tool allowed the team to display all spaces in an interactive environment and allowed patrons to receive a first-class experience when making their premium selections at the Globe Life Field Sales Center. During the sales process, each client was provided a personalized experience, made possible by VIP3D’s capability to provide an interactive view of premium seats, suites, and clubs associated with the purchase. This unique capability helped instill the confidence necessary to move forward with the purchase of seats at Globe Life Field.

All of the materials delivered to the Texas Rangers were used to create the Globe Life Field Sales Center, which showcases exactly what the new ballpark encompasses. 3D Digital Venue technology also allowed the relocation of season ticket members, giving them an accurate view from their seats and an amazing fan experience through 3D virtual reality. Through these tools, and partnerships with Tickets.com and Channel 1 Media, the Texas Rangers have hosted over 1,100 appointments and helped create a unique experience for each client that walks in the door.

This venue solution was published in partnership with 3D Digital Venue.

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