49 Degrees



The heartbeat of our business…this is where it all starts. Big ideas and design drive everything we do. We create with a goal to separate our clients from their competition. Our team of talented designers eat, breathe and sleep environmental graphics, it consumes them. Tasked with developing a unique vision for each client and every project, our design team is constantly pushing the limits with innovative ideas and creative vision.

One of the advantages in working with Forty Nine Degrees is our ability to fabricate the designs we create. Our designers and fabricators are in constant contact with each other, working together to achieve a common goal. Our fabrication team immerses themselves in the details of each and every project, utilizing a range of in-house processes to provide our clients with a quality final product.

Our road warriors are the best in the business….period. This team is composed of highly skilled individuals and product specialists that flat out get it done. Their ability to communicate and plan with our clients on-site ensures that the entire installation process is a success.