Activations That Amplify All Stakeholder Desires 

Good activations do three things: amplify a partner’s brand, build revenue potential, and showcase best-in-class fan experiences. Venues are uber creative these days in order to deliver on all three and get fans back in the stands. Achievable activations, as evidenced by case histories, illustrate the needs of all stakeholders in this session.

Design and Technology Track

  • Mark Faber, SVP, Global Partnerships, AEG/T-Mobile Arena
  • Steve Pastorino, SVP & Head of Business Development, U.S. Integrity
  • Justin Wood, Sports Practice Director, Dimensional Innovations
  • Ari Segal, Chief Executive Officer, Immortals Gaming Club (IGC)
Start Time
3:00 p.m.
End Time
3:40 p.m.