Alen Paul Silverrstieen

CEO, Founder
Imagination Park Technologies

Alen Paul Silverrstieen is the CEO/Founder of Imagination Park Technologies, an Augmented Reality Cloud-based Enterprise Platform designed for business users to create and implement AR activation campaigns in minutes without requiring a programmer.   Mr. Silverrstieen is a global serial entrepreneur with over 20 years experience and recently founded Recruitment USA/India software firms leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to optimize job candidate sourcing. Alen Paul has represented one of the leading Indian Post-Production Studios and contracted over 60 Hollywood movies in the past 5 years. He is also known as one of the pioneers of the North American prepaid phone card marketplace and led his company public on NASDAQ within 3 years of launching it and executed license deals with MLB, NHL, 1980 Olympic Team, 69 NY Mets, Marvel, Led Zeppelin, and many others.


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