All Roads Lead to Kansas City

  • ALSD Editorial Director Jared Frank at Red Bull Arena, Home of the New York Red Bulls

The Premium Seat Industry, what is it? No really, what is it? It’s certainly not the same business as it was six years ago when I started working for the ALSD. I’ve made my young career thus far writing about the premium seat industry, but I can’t tell you about all of its nooks and crannies, and I don’t understand all of its transformations observed in recent years. But that’s about to change. My finger is in search of the pulse.

I’m coming to a town near you. I’m slinging my haversack over my shoulder, rolling up my sleeves, and packing lots of sunscreen for my (very) pale skin, prepared to hitchhike the back roads in the hot sun to get to your venue. Ok, that’s an exaggeration. I’ll be taking airplanes and rental cars, but you get the point. I’m prepared to work. There is no royal road to learning. I’ll even be putting on pants when I visit your office. Hey, working from home has its benefits. You don’t have to wear pants, so sometimes I don’t.

My questions to be answered are all derivatives of three simple ones: What are sports and entertainment venues today? Who are the professionals selling and servicing sports and entertainment? And what do you, the ALSD members, need more information about to deliver sports and entertainment more valuably to your customers? 

The ALSD editorial direction moving forward will be guided by these trips. Your stories will become the compass I will use to tell the narrative of this industry, both in SEAT Magazine and here on, as well as at the annual shindig known as the ALSD Conference and Tradeshow.

There will be new content products and delivery channels. This blog has been created for you to follow my journey and other conversations with industry pros. I’ll be reporting on industry news, commenting through creative editorial, and providing a view behind the curtain of all the venues I step inside. It’ll be fun too. I’ll spill content over into food and culture. I’m a curious traveler. I’ll also be in search of the best BBQ in Kansas City, the best dive bar in Brooklyn, the best cigar lounge in Chicago, the best live music venue in LA, and the best of everything in between. 

I hope Jared’s Journal will be one of the three or four websites you have time to visit once or twice a week in between checking your fantasy baseball waiver wire. Use it as a resource to discover exactly what makes our venues tick and who the people are responsible for winding the clock. It will be an education site as well as a networking site.

All roads lead to Kansas City and the 24th Annual ALSD Conference and Tradeshow this July. You will all take different routes to get there. But you all share the same goal: Provide the best sports and entertainment experience to your customers. I’m here to help progress the story. I’ll be checking in soon.

First Stop: TD Garden, home of the Boston Bruins and Celtics

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