ALSD 2020 Moves to a Virtual Show

We tried every which way there is to try, but due to the persistence of COVID-19 around the country, we are moving this year's conference programming to the virtual arena. And while that is disappointing, there is good news to report as well.


Due to the spike in COVID-19 cases in many areas, including in our intended host city of Dallas, Texas, the ALSD has decided to move to a virtual presentation of conference programming this year.

"I really wanted to do a physical show in 2020," says Bill Dorsey, Chairman of the ALSD. "While a physical show is no longer possible, there are some wonderful advantages to a virtual show, including much lower prices, the ability to retain information digitally, exhibitor and sponsor information for one-on-one sessions, etc."

“While a physical show is no longer possible, there are some wonderful advantages to a virtual show.” – Bill Dorsey, ALSD

The dates of the virtual conference are set for October 26-29, 2020. The new registration rate is $300. Quantity discounts are available if your team would like to register multiple people.

If your team registers two to five attendees, you can do so for $250 per attendee. If your team wishes to register six to ten attendees, those additional passes are $200. For 11 or more attendees, the rate is $150 per additional attendee. Discounted rates for students and for furloughed employees are also available.

Attendees who had signed up for the physical show will be automatically registered for this year’s virtual show and will also receive a partial credit for the 2021 conference and tradeshow. Exhibitors and sponsors will also receive various credits depending upon their placements at the conference.

There are some real advantages to a virtual show to consider:

Great Value: The expense of attendance is much lower, especially factoring in travel, hotel, and entertainment cost savings.

Quantity Discounts: Teams and member organizations can add people to the event roster at a limited incremental expense. The per-attendee price drops as new people are added.

Virtual Venue Tours: The ALSD will provide virtual venue tours, which will be viewable on-demand. Attendees will get to see virtually what they normally see in person. We won't miss out on seeing the latest and greatest in the sports world.

League Meetings: The ALSD will still organize league meetings with roundtables and discussion. These meetings continue to be a pillar of the ALSD show with opportunities to remain connected with your colleagues and their ideas.

Networking Lounges: Attendees can enter a networking lounge and stay in touch with other attendees at the show.

Exhibit Hall: The exhibit hall format is an interesting feature. Attendees can go into the exhibit hall during all show hours. There will be videos and additional educational collaterals attendees can collect in a virtual briefcase, as well as chat opportunities to speak one-on-one with exhibitors.

Sessions: Over the course of three days, the ALSD will present 33 sessions across three tracks: Premium Seating Sales/Service/Analytics/Buyers, Venue Design and Operations, and Food & Beverage and Hospitality. Sessions will be designed to assist attendees in reopening venues while adapting to the new normal.

Premium Buyers Group: For the first time, we are adding the Premium Buyers Group to our conference program, intended for major national premium seat buyers. This program will allow teams to hear from their best customers.

Analytics Seminar: The ALSD is also adding an Analytics Seminar to the program because of its importance to all aspects of team operations.

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