ALSDI 2018 Session: Creating a Winning Service Culture

Recorded at ALSD International 2018 in London, Natasha Thiebaut and Charlene Nyantekyi reveal best practices for branded customer service, illustrated by case studies within and outside of the sports and entertainment industry.


Brand is more than just visual identity. It’s more than just a logo and some pretty colors. It’s an immersive, emotional experience.

“Your logo is like your face,” says Natasha Thiebaut, Director of Hospitality and Customer Experience at BLUEROCK Sports & Entertainment. “And your brand is your personality.”

Venue staff members must embody this personality and the ethical compass of the organization they represent. For Charlene Nyantekyi at Wembley Stadium, those governing principles start with P.R.I.D.E. (Progressive, Respectful, Inclusive, Determined, Excellent).

While conducting interviews, Nyantekyi keeps a P.R.I.D.E. checklist, and if she doesn’t check off those five boxes, she knows that candidate does not align with the organization’s value system. Both Nyantekyi and Thiebaut encourage the ALSD International audience to first hire people with brand values in their DNA and then teach skills later.

Ultimately, event staff must be more than helpful and knowledgeable – those are baseline requirements. What truly makes a difference is how the staff dresses, interacts with guests, deploys different scripts for different events with different guest profiles, and immerses in the brand with every interaction at every touchpoint – that’s branded customer service.

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