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The State of the Industry: Onwards and Upwards

The ALSD dubbed 2010 the year of “The Transformation.” We were in the wake of a period in which suites became prisons for some corporations, and premium amenities were considered contraband. We were beginning to see the industry approaching the intersection of sports and entertainment as we observed some major changes. Specific to premium seating, these changes included shorter leases, shared leases, lower occupancy rates, no show issues and a waning fan experience. And well, the environment is not drastically different one year later. We are still jousting between old methods and new in some circumstances.

With these things in mind, this year’s theme is “The Solutions.” 2011 will teach us the magic bullets to achieve meaningful progress in our altered environment as well as instill the conditioning needed for new ideas to anchor. If I am calling a spade a spade, we did not fare as well as we would have liked in 2010, but we fared onward. And in 2011, we will fare upwards.

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