Are You Ready to Transform Your Team into a Tribe?

Back by popular demand, anthropologist Philip Folsom will grace the ALSD 2020 main stage to discuss his groundbreaking leadership work and expertise in wolfpack behavior, allowing attendees to discover new ways to get their teams to tap into their highest performance potential.

Attendees were introduced to Folsom's powerful explorations of the ancient mysteries of humanity in 2019, and will again have the opportunity to grasp his global thought-leadership on individual success skills and team culture development.

In his video The Time of the Lone Wolf is Over, Folsom reveals that less than 20% of Americans are fully engaged in their jobs, leading to chronic stress, performance issues, and low retention. Folsom's work with organizations such as Google, Apple, and Red Bull and TV shows such as "The Biggest Loser" demonstrates that issues impacting us all are indeed solvable.

Sheraton Dallas

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