AVIXA and ALSD Extend Partnership at ALSD 2019

This year’s conference programming incorporated an AV Fan Experience Track to educate team and facility executives on the best practices and positive business outcomes derived from integrating leading-edge audiovisual elements into stadiums and arenas.

  • AVIXA and ALSD Continue Content Partnership at ALSD 2019


By now, everyone in the sports and entertainment industry is aware that high-tech inclusions can make or break the fan experience in stadiums and arenas. Technology is a ubiquitous part of our collective lives, but there remains an awareness gap at times when evaluating how certain emerging technologies can generate better business outcomes and why one solution may be better than another.

In sports venues, few design decisions associated with technology are more important to fan experience than audiovisual integrations. Evidenced by submissions in our AV-centric categories in this year’s ALSD Spotlight design contest, venue owners and operators are as willing as ever to invest in leveling up their AV offerings and delivering amazing experiences that aside from their stunning sensory effects also generate fan loyalty and new revenues.

“It was a great community of professionals really trying to come together and figure out how AV technologies can support the business outcomes they want to achieve.”

– Brad Grimes, AVIXA

To better understand the continually evolving opportunities across the audiovisual landscape, the ALSD continued to leverage the expertise of our partner AVIXA, the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association, at this year’s ALSD Conference and Tradeshow and Design & Build Forum in Chicago. As part of the 2019 programming, AVIXA hosted a four-part AV Fan Experience Track, bringing together architects, sports team executives, and foodservice companies with AV consultants, integrators, and manufacturers to discuss how AV technology can support fan engagement and business operations.

“It was a great community of professionals really trying to come together and figure out how AV technologies can support the business outcomes they want to achieve,” says Brad Grimes, Sr Director of Communications at AVIXA.

For the ALSD, this genre of programming supports our ongoing efforts to remain the clearinghouse of information for our industry. When the ALSD began 29 years ago, premium seating within sports venues was a well-defined niche with clear lines of differentiation between experiences. Nowadays, all levels of ticket holders expect some kind of premium experience.

“As the years have gone on, premium seating has grown and morphed into an entire stadium experience,” says Bill Dorsey, Founder and Chairman of the ALSD.

“By partnering with AVIXA, we can start to bring our members and their members together in a way that allows us to increase the number of decision makers at the table early on when sports venues are making their decisions,” says Max Snyder, Director of Sponsorship at the ALSD. “Then maybe down the road, there are more proactively planned buildings that incorporate AV from the get-go instead of reacting to consumer and fan needs.”

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