Beyond the Platform: An Outcome-driven Computer Vision Strategy

Innovation is fundamental to economic growth and quality of life. With the increase in camera systems, both number and resolution, and new breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence; video analytics is making the world safer, smarter and more cost effective, and is redefining businesses.
There is a growing trend across the sports and entertainment industry to implement computer vision solutions—using cameras to capture data and insights. In this session we will cover where computer vision fits in and lay out a simple engagement plan to help you get started. You will learn how Dell Technologies solutions deliver outcomes that include enhanced customer & employee experience, improved facility safety, and how we help you achieve operational efficiencies and meet your sustainability objectives.

  • Randy Lack, General Manager of Computer Vision & Edge Vertical, Dell Technologies
White River, Salon G, Floor 1
White River, Salon H, Floor 1
Start Time
12:30 p.m.
End Time
12:55 p.m.