The Bigelow Companies, Inc.

Chris Bigelow, FCSI CFSP
6501 East Commerce Avenue, Suite 120
Kansas City, MO 64120

The Bigelow Companies, Inc. provides food and beverage consulting to sports and entertainment venues across the globe. We collaborate with your team to provide these management advisory services; improving your food and beverage services, increasing customer satisfaction and maximizing your venue’s revenues. Further services include developing Request for Proposal (RFP) documents to attract and contract with a caterer, renegotiating existing food and beverage contracts, and providing operational audits for both in-house and contracted food and beverage operations.

Our design division works with your planners and architects, providing complete design services for the foodservice kitchens, restaurants, clubs, bars, and concessions. From menu planning and space programming to full construction documents, we ensure your food and beverage facilities are designed to maximize customer services and efficient revenue generation.



Professional Services
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