Business Acceleration Club at TMS Attracts New Local Companies

Members enjoy an exclusive hospitality area on race day as well as numerous benefits and networking opportunities throughout the year.


In late 2017, Texas Motor Speedway launched its Dallas-Fort Worth Business Acceleration Club. It is comparable to other B2B alliances teams and venues have launched in recent years that serve as connective tissue for area businesses, but with a few differentiating components as well.

Dallas-Fort Worth is the fifth largest U.S. market, supportive of 23 Fortune 500 companies, many regional headquarters, and thousands of small and mid-sized businesses within that corporate halo. With a $28,500 price point, the Business Acceleration Club is attractive for those smaller businesses who cannot fill a 32- or 64-person suite; although, it’s a compelling entry for any local company regardless of size interested in an integrated marketing platform who might not have previously considered motorsports an asset.

“There’s not a one-size-fits-all target for us,” says Jason Wonderly, VP of Sales at Texas Motor Speedway. “I wouldn’t suggest to you that it’s only limited to small and medium-sized businesses. Everybody’s a prospect.”

“Part of the value proposition… is the ability for us to indirectly condense the sales cycle between partners so they can… define what a mutually beneficial business relationship could look like.”

– Jason Wonderly, Texas Motor Speedway

Access to an exclusive hospitality area highlights the race day amenities for club members. To carve out space, TMS reinvented part of its suite level by converting four suites into one open environment well-suited for both business networking and for watching the race below.

The interior design, which was managed in-house by Brenna Haussman, Manager of Suite Services & Hospitality, features a reimagined look and feel.

“It’s welcoming,” says Wonderly. “When you walk through the four walls, you feel at home.”

The Texas-themed décor features leather chairs with nail-head trim, Edison bulbs encased in metal fixtures, side tables supported by whiskey barrels, and larger wooden tables ideal for members to explore partnerships.

“Part of the value proposition associated with the Business Acceleration Club is the ability for us to indirectly condense the sales cycle between partners so they can work together and define what a mutually beneficial business relationship could look like,” Wonderly says.

Club members and their guests enjoy an exclusive hospitality area on race days that features Texas-themed décor and F&B provided by Levy Restaurants.

Texas Motor Speedway has made the entirety of race day a turnkey experience for club members and their guests. From arrival to guided access across the entire 1,500-acre property, experiential benefits with white-glove service, from garage and pit road tours to champagne toasts in Victory Lane, are layered onto the program.

The DFW Business Acceleration Club provides a 360-degree model of benefits and experiences that extend beyond race day. Annual membership comes with additional networking events, partnership summits, and even a driving school where members have the opportunity to bring customers to TMS to ride in actual NASCAR stock cars at 150 miles per hour.

“If we do our job, and we help [club members] monetize it,” says Wonderly, “our hope is they either stay with us in the Business Acceleration Club or look at ways to amplify what they’re currently doing with other inventory and assets.”


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