Cardinals renovate Redbird Club at Busch Stadium

Improvements include more tables, outdoor ceiling fans and removal of obstructed views

Year six of Busch Stadium III includes few physical changes.

But season-ticket holders in the Redbird Club, located on the third level, will notice a new look that the St. Louis Cardinals hope enhances their summertime fun.

The club has undergone a major renovation, with the addition of twice as many chairs inside, more tables, new flooring and more TVs.

In the outdoor section of the club, ceiling fans have been installed and back-row seats that previously obscured the sightlines of fans inside have been removed.

"It's like owning a new home. You constantly have to make improvements to your facility," said Cardinals vice president of ticket sales Joe Strohm, who helped oversee the overhaul of the popular Redbird Club.

"What Redbird Club ticket-holders are going to find, I think, is a much more enjoyable experience inside the club," Strohm said. "We've almost doubled the amount of seats (inside), so what that's going to do is allow people to utilize the club even more than they have in the past."

And on those hot, humid days that are sure to arrive, Strohm said the conditions on the outside of the club won't be as oppressive with ceiling fans.

"Where fans will see the true benefit is on those really hot days," Strohm said. "Having access to an air-conditioned club is a huge benefit. This particular area (the Redbird Club) is nice because you have an outdoor seat that is assigned to you, but you also have access to the club."

Strohm said the removal of artificial walls elsewhere in the club has significantly opened up the concourse.

Also, a new patio section has been added between the Redbird Club and the Bank of America Club that will enable fans to watch the game from outside. The area is behind Sections 255, 256 and 257, on the third-base side.

What Strohm refers to as the "multimedia area" of the Redbird Club, which features the new TVs, is on the first-base side.

"Fans can not only watch the Cardinals' game, but also watch other sporting events that may be going on," he said. "I think what we did was see the success that happened with the Champions Club. Inside, there are places where you could have multiple games on because there were so many televisions.

"That has been a huge benefit for the season (ticket-) holders, and the feedback has been very, very positive. So we're doing something similar in the Redbird Club."

In the regular sections of the stadium, few changes will be observed by fans, Strohm said.

"There were a couple of camera wells that, quite frankly, were not utilized," Strohm said. "Because they were not being utilized by the networks with cameras, we're now going to fill in those particular areas and put in seats."

One of those locations is in the back of the field-box seats in right field.

"We're redesigning that whole camera-well setup, and that's going to be a deck now," Strohm said. "So the way we're redesigning it, it's going to add (a few) seats."

Strohm estimates that there will be 75 to 100 new seats overall.

"At the end of the day, you're not talking about a lot (of seats) because there also are other areas where we're losing seats" because of design changes, Strohm said.


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