Carolina Panthers employ innovative 10-90 payment option

PSL, suite and club seat holders can pay 10% of their annual balance in April, and the remaining 90% would not be charged until a new CBA is reached with the players' union.

Acknowledging the chance of a lockout that could threaten the 2011 season, the Carolina Panthers have adjusted their ticket plans to account for the possibility of missed games.
Included in information about Panthers season-ticket packages, which will be sent to permanent seat license owners in mid-March, is an option for a full refund with interest for games missed and a payment plan that reflects fan displeasure with paying for seats in advance.
Panthers team President Danny Morrison said Thursday the team has included a "10-90 plan" as a payment option this year. Owners of PSLs, suites and club seats can pay 10 percent of their annual balance when they sign up in April, and the remaining 90 percent would not be charged to their credit cards or drafted from their bank accounts until a collective-bargaining agreement is reached with the players' union. Director of ticket sales, Phil Youtsey, said those payments would be due within 48 hours of an agreement being signed.
"The hope is that there's not a lockout," Morrison said. "If indeed there is, we wanted to have a plan for that. That's the reason for it."
Morrison said earlier this winter the Panthers would not raise ticket prices for 2011. This is the fourth time in 12 years they haven't increased prices. They held steady the first five years of franchise history.
Morrison mentioned the new plan to a group of PSL owners on a conference call last week.
"The feedback on the call was good; it was very good, actually," he said.
Morrison also said the team has changed the payment plan created last year, which allowed fans to split their balances into three equal payments. This year, they can chop it up four ways, with payments due in April, May, June and July. One-time payments are still available.
But the 10-90 split seems to be the real innovation. One team official said he didn't know of another team offering such an alternative.
Youtsey said the 10 percent down payment is also refundable if the entire season is lost, as are other advance payments.
"We just wanted to extend a more fair and flexible option for our PSL owners," Youtsey said.
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