Concessions Delivery: There's an app for that

Jacksonville Jaguars club seat holders use smart phones to order and pay for F&B in their seats and have the order delivered.

A Vancouver-based mobile payments and marketing company is testing a new smart phone technology at EverBank Field that allows football fans to use their smart phones to order and pay for food and drinks, and have their order delivered to the seat.
Mobio Identity Systems Inc., the company behind the application, has been testing the technology at the last three Jacksonville Jaguars home games at fewer than 50 invite-only Touchdown Club seats. The company plans to roll out the test launch to 2,500 seats in the East side of the Touchdown Club at the Sept. 26 home game against the Philadelphia Eagles before further expanding it to both sides of the Touchdown Club.
Here’s how it works: Using a barcode placed on the seat or on a flyer, a fan with a smart phone can scan the barcode and pull up a menu for the stadium. Then, they can order and pay with prestored credit card information. The order is sent via fax to the kitchen where it is prepared and delivered by a food runner. Mark Binns, chief marketing officer for Mobio, said the average ticket turnaround time is two to eight minutes.
The company plans to expand use throughout the NFL, and then to other professional sports leagues such as the NBA and NHL.
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