Consumer Behaviors in the Sports Industry

In this insightful virtual panel, ALSD members hear from Karri Zaremba, Justin Wood, Russ Simons, and Jenny Dinnen about the ongoing evolution of consumer behaviors and how it impacts sports and entertainment returning from a temporary shutdown.


Topics explored by the panel include overcoming fan fears with the help of data, imminent and potential changes, business needs, and examples from other industries.

At a time when many fans want to return to venues but aren’t sure when to do so, gathering data responsibly and in a transparent manner can help assuage apprehensions and aid in safety procedures. This opportunity strengthens relationships, with customers and employees. While data helps us be more efficient, human relationships remain the drivers for in-venue experiences. This panel explores the balance of these factors, diving into the intersection of safety improvements and elevated fan experiences.

Introduction/Housekeeping Notes: 0:19
Changes In Consumer Behaviors: 5:12
Overcoming Fan Fears and Apprehensions: 9:41
Proactive Tech and Infrastructure: 16:22
Disruptive Environmental Factors: 19:44
What Changes Are Here to Stay? 22:30
Gathering and Using Data: 29:22
Impactful Data Usage: 33:46
Maintaining and Strengthening Human Connections: 38:09
Differences in Demographic Responses: 45:35
Convenience, Experience, and Safety: 53:13
Shifting Budgets and Making Customers Feel Safe: 57:57


Discussion Moderated By: Amanda Verhoff, President, ALSD

Jenny Dinnen, President of Sales & Marketing, MacKenzie Corporation
Russ Simons, Chief Listening Officer, Venue Solutions Group
Justin Wood, Principal and Sports Practice Director, Dimensional Innovations
Karri Zaremba, Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Venuetize