Detroit Lions install green lighting system at Ford Field

The Detroit Lions are the latest NFL team to install a green lighting system, improving the experience for both fans and players. Now brightening up play at Ford Field is Musco Lighting’s new energy-efficient LED system.

Along with heightened visibility for Lions fans and guests at other Ford Field events, the SportsCluster Green™ LED system requires only one-third of the energy of the previous lighting system. Reducing energy consumption by 62 percent allows Ford Field to cut its CO2 emissions by 4,539 metric tons over the next decade, reducing operating costs by $1.2 million over those ten years.

Additional benefits of the SportsCluster Green™ LED system include its ability to produce special effects, its instant on/off capabilities and dimming controls when full power is not required, and the elimination of the “flicker” effect during slow motion replay.

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