Dialsource, Inc.

Tim Harris, VP of Marketing
1610 Arden Way, Suite 175
Sacramento, CA 95815

We help teams have better conversations with their fans.
DialSource is an enterprise software company that creates and provides software for teams to make, receive, and manage their fan-facing communications. DialSource’s applications for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM are designed to automate recurring tasks, eliminate manual activity logging, and streamline CRM management, while improving the capabilities of inbound and outbound communications over the phone.

Simplify work.
Streamline your team’s workflow and accelerate their efficiency within a single workspace. Ensure that every call is logged and tracked within your CRM. Manage user groups, call configurations, and agent performance. Trigger your existing CRM automation rules and streamline workflows with the click of a button to increase efficiency. Maintain your CRM as the primary workspace for all fan-facing teams.

Increase Fan Engagement.
Designed to give fan-facing teams on Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics a competitive advantage, our native application provides a suite of advanced features you can rely on to automate workflows, increase conversations, and improve productivity. Teams use DialSource to drastically increase their reps’ efficiency, streamline fan engagement, and eliminate the busywork that distracts them from their winning shot.

Unlock Growth.
Learn what is working and what is not across call campaigns and fan interactions. Give managers visibility into every interaction and outcome across the fan experience. Leverage DialSource call recordings and performance dashboards to coach and develop under-performing reps into quota-crushing all-stars. Turn conversations into opportunities and increase ticket sales.

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