Drip Content Sells Faster

The concept of drip content is an easy one to master, if you are willing to be patient.

Drip content is about building up evergreen content pieces, and releasing them in a slow measure.

While the urgency is towards turning on a faucet full blast, it only fills the tub once. And in the world of digital media marketing, that approach can avoid getting all the attention that you want.

Drip content is about putting out enough great stuff, consistently, so that people are interacting with you at different times, with different pieces of content. This strategy means that while someone is reading this blog post, two other readers may be consuming another blog post from five months ago.

It comes down to understanding measurements of time when building up your content, as well as how to release it effectively.

The best part of drip content is that it can be re-used or re-issued through social media channels, months later, and have the same evergreen effect. You may catch people who hadn't read it in the past, now reading it, because they didn't see it the first time in their feeds.

Everything comes back to the drip of the faucet, which can in time overflow the tub because no one sees the mountain of work until after its already there.

About the Author: Troy Kirby is the Founder of The Tao of Sports.


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