Drive New Premium Business Via Multi-Touch Marketing

Prudential Center, in partnership with Full House Solutions, successfully identified and reached qualified prospective buyers for the arena’s newest premium product, The Lofts, by executing targeted B2B and B2C campaigns across email and social media.


At the 29th Annual ALSD Conference and Tradeshow, Full House Solutions presented its case study from Prudential Center, where the full-service direct marketing agency successfully connected qualified prospects with The Lofts, a new premium seating environment at Prudential Center, one of the top-ten busiest arenas in the world.

Full House mined a prospect pool from a 30-mile radius around Prudential Center, excluding the state of New York with the exception of Staten Island. In that geography, Full House identified 190,000 businesses, 5% of which were determined to be high-value targets when applying filters such as number of employees and annual revenues. The campaign incorporated a consumer element as well, targeting household income in the same radius over $500,000.

With prospects generated, Full House next executed multi-layer email campaigns, as well as social media campaigns retargeting those recipients who opened an email, first to drive awareness for the new product, then to drive attendance to sales events featuring The Lofts.

If just considering Prudential Center’s spend with Full House Solutions, the campaign netted a 146-to-1 return on investment.

This video content was published in partnership with Full House Solutions.