Fortessa Tableware Solutions

Lorne Gaffe, Senior Vice President
20412 Bashan Drive
Ashburn VA 20147
P: 703-787-0357;

You’ve met us before. At luxury hotels. At five-star restaurants. At your country club. At convention center hotels. Where you shop online. At your local bistro. In discerning retail stores. At your friend’s wedding. And we’re here to bring our expertise to the table. We design, develop and market tableware. Some might say that’s a humble calling, but we see it as an intimate experience. People drink wine, but they enjoy it from a glass. They’ll never lay a hand on a New York strip, but they will touch a fork and a steak knife. They experience tableware as, or before, they experience a meal. Execution is in the little details. Let Fortessa Tableware Solutions bring those details to your table.



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