Gary Michels

Co-Founder, Senior Consultant
Southwestern Consulting

With over 200 team members and over 8 figures in annual revenues, Southwestern Consulting is one of the fastest growing sales consultancies in the world today. Their mission is to help people achieve their goals in life and to elevate the practice and perception of sales. As one of the 2 Co-founders of the company, all of Gary’s insights are backed by Southwestern Consulting’s frontline research and work with over 20,000 different companies in more than 40 countries.

Michaels is touted as the #1 Producing Sales Practitioner. More than just a teacher of sales, Gary is a Top-Producing practitioner. During his college tenure, Gary began successfully selling door-to-door for a well-known reference book distributor. Pushing himself relentlessly, he finished in the top 10 from more than 3,000 in the program and earned more than $105,000 in 3 short summers! Gary also spent 19 years as a sales representative for the largest school fundraising company in the world, and finished #1 in sales 9 of his last 10 years out of 400 representatives. Gary’s personal sales experience spans from retail sales to network marketing to real estate to leading the largest sales consulting company in the world. Gary continues to also be one of the top personal producers at Southwestern Consulting.

He is also an Author and Radio Host. Gary is the author of the book Getting In and Getting Out: How to Get In Every Prospect’s Door and Get Out With a Sale and the host of a weekly radio talk show on the NBC Radio Network. Gary’s insights and articles are featured and shared regularly in media outlets throughout the country. 

Finally, Michaels is a popular motivational speaker and trainer. To date, over, 1,300,000 people have been inspired in Gary’s audiences to achieve their goals in life by hearing Gary speak. For 7 years, Gary was a main platform presenter for the nationally renowned travelling conference, Success Starts Now! Gary is a member of the National Speakers Association and has completed hundreds of hours of presentation skills education and training to become a Southwestern Certified Speaker. His client list includes speaking for companies such as:  Ben & Jerrys, Google, Ritz Carlton, Bellagio, Cirque du Soleil, Budget Blinds, the San Francisco 49ers, the Arizona Coyotes, Nashville SC and many, many more.


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