Generating Leads and Business Connections

In this ALSD Member Highlight, meet Matt Schroll, Director of Business Development for the Houston Dynamo FC, Houston Dash, and BBVA Stadium.

For many organizations is the sports and entertainment industry, the pandemic was a time to reflect on what’s working, what’s not, and what new prospects exist to improve business.

In Houston, Matt Schroll, Director of Business Development for the Houston Dynamo FC, Houston Dash, and BBVA Stadium, and the sales team considered new lead gen strategies and a fresh take on a chamber of commerce to create revenue opportunities as BBVA Stadium worked its way back to full capacity.

“As the COVID-19 pandemic was becoming more of a long-term reality last year, we saw the MLS and NWSL temporary season suspensions as an opening to find new ways to replace the normal single-game buyer funnel for lead generation,” Schroll says.

The ALSD recently caught up with Matt Schroll to dig deeper into a couple of the Dynamo and Dash’s creative projects attracting and nurturing clients in Houston. The following transcript has been lightly edited for clarity.

What is an example of a new sales initiative your organization has started doing in the past 12 months?

We turned to the thought-to-be-extinct QR code for help. Once we began to have matches again in home markets, our regional broadcast schedule provided us with the opportunity to utilize in-game reads to complement our lead generation efforts. Since minimal fans were able to attend matches (with many of the in-stadium attendees already being members), the television broadcasts became one of our top lead generation avenues for the entire season.

Working with our partners at Alive5 Technologies, the Dynamo FC and Dash were able to place QR codes on screen during different intervals throughout the game. Over the course of ten matches in late 2020, we were able to generate over 400 unique leads that were new to the system, which led to 16 full-season memberships, as well as many partial-season plans.

Simply starting as an Enter-to-Win Jersey Contest to gather data, it has since morphed into an entire built-out calendar where our broadcast QR code placement has single-game messaging, membership messaging, as well as enter-to-wins. Additionally, the club has extended the QR code concept to our concourse televisions and video board to capture data of fans in-stadium too. While the priority is to gain data or drive single-game sales, the platform can also seamlessly connect its chatbot over to a live sales rep instantaneously.

How have you kept your premium seat clients and sponsor partners connected and engaged in the past 12 months and now coming out of the pandemic?

In late 2020, the organization rebranded with a shift more towards Houston and our community. With most of our premium members being of the corporate variety, it was the perfect time to launch our own version of a Chamber of Commerce, consisting of our premium members, suite holders, and sponsors – a true mix of small, medium, and large businesses within the greater Houston area.

Backed by our great partners at BBVA USA, the Dynamo FC and Dash Chamber of Commerce was born with the idea of connecting a broad range of clients in many different industries as an added benefit to their membership. Outside of the different games played at BBVA Stadium, the Chamber includes four main events throughout the year (some of which have been combined with our normal premium events, as well as some brand-new events), plus we’ve already done a few different networking happy hours (virtual and pregame in-stadium) for this subset group. The goal of our events is to highlight different topics that local Houston businesses are experiencing and share best practices, all while introducing connections within our Dynamo FC and Dash network.

There are three different tier levels that members can add on, each with more benefits than the previous tier. Our first in-person official event with the Dynamo FC and Dash Chamber of Commerce will be within the next few weeks.

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