The Home of Champions at Stanford University: Where “Interactive” Is More Than Digital

Opened in 2017, the Home of Champions, located inside the Arrillaga Family Sports Center at Stanford University, celebrates the 129-year history of Stanford Cardinal Athletics, its student-athletes, coaches, and iconic moments.


The 18,000-square-foot hall of fame, imagined by Nashville-based design firm Advent, engages audiences with over 40 interactive displays intended to appeal to the full spectrum of fan constituencies and preferences along their entire fan journey.

High-definition screens with digital interfaces and multi-sensory impact abound, but it’s an analog experience that sets a part the Home of Champions experience.

The Letter Winner Books and Hall of Fame Interactive Table is where analog meets digital. At this innovative example of captivating storytelling, 15,000 former Stanford Cardinal student-athletes are remembered by name, by sport, and by decade in ten tactile books that can be read and enjoyed the old-fashioned way. Or by placing a book on a custom-built interactive table, that decade’s recorded names and their stories come to life and offer additional photos, videos, social media information, and more content for each former athlete.

“If you step back for a moment and you’re philosophical, and you hear the word ‘interactive,’ what we really mean is that it’s somehow engaging with us,” says John Roberson, Chief Executive Officer at Advent. “We often think that interactive is just purely digital, or it’s augmented reality or virtual reality. But if you’re not careful, the technology becomes more important than the story or what’s being connected to.”

This video content was published in partnership with Advent.