Hoplite Power, Inc.

Jordan P. Mayerson, Co-Founder and CEO
29-10 Thomson Avenue
NYDesigns C760 Ste. #20
Long Island City, NY 11101
P: 818-624-2626

Imagine having convenient, portable power that you can use to charge your devices from the comfort of your own seat. At Hoplite Power, we understand the importance of keeping you connected. Our on-demand smartphone “charge-sharing” network consists of Hoplite Hubs (vending kiosks), which store, dispense, and automatically recharge Hoplites (universal battery packs). Hoplites can be easily rented from and returned to any Hub in the network, making Hoplite Power an ideal charging solution for arenas, stadiums, and other entertainment venues. With Hoplite, you can effortlessly charge your phone whenever, wherever, so you never miss any of the action.


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