How Flexible Is Your Facility?

Using Mobile Action Carts at Little Caesars Arena, chefs can cook in suites without smoke or grease vapors, and roll away the foodservice equipment once the meal is complete.

You have a hockey game today, Jay-Z tomorrow, and the Grateful Dead’s Dead & Company next weekend. No problem. Your facility was designed to be flexible. Your chefs? They’re flexible too, creating unique menus to serve each crowd’s expectations.

But is your foodservice equipment flexible?

If you are the Food and Beverage Director at Little Caesars Arena, you can confidentially answer yes.

“We worked with Little Caesars Arena to create nine custom tables to satisfy the varying needs of both the suites and the concourse,” says Jackson Biller, National Account Manager at Spring USA. “The tables have the flexibility to keep food warm one day and serve ambient food the next. The frost-top tables can do the same, and all the tables are mobile, allowing the arena to only bring out what is needed for each event.”

Little Caesars Arena also needed a solution for the VIP/Owners Suite. To up their premium experience game, they wanted to offer a personal chef to cook right in the suite. Specifically, they needed a clean (no smoke or grease please), beautiful (must coordinate with décor) way to cook for VIP guests that then rolled away once mealtime was complete.

Enter stage left, rolling in on hidden casters, Spring USA’s custom-built Mobile Action Carts. They’re individually designed to look like a piece of furniture, but they operate like foodservice equipment.

Chefs roll into the suite, cook up a fresh meal right in front of your most important guests, and then roll out after the last meal is plated. The cart’s down draft air filtration system catches all the odors, smoke, and grease vapors, so the chef leaves nothing behind but great tasting food. On to the next stage, er, suite!

Of course, you don’t have to invest in full tables to ensure flexibility in your foodservice equipment. Countertop induction units will also do the trick. The low cost, low profile, low weight, and low power design allows staff to set up and tear down quickly.

“Power is a common issue.” says Lauren Hood, Product Development Engineer at Spring USA. “The new Unlimited Range is great because they can daisy chain five units into one outlet.”

Chefs are free to create menus that are sure to be the star of the event! (Sorry Jay-Z).

This venue solution was published in partnership with Spring USA.