How the Fox Is Preserving Its History While Ensuring Its Future

Adina Erwin, VP and COO at the Fox Theatre Atlanta, discusses how the Marquee Club presented by Lexus balances the venue’s directive to protect its heritage with the need for its business to remain sustainable in a competitive marketplace.


Patrons of sports and entertainment love the rich texture of historic venues, but they also expect hospitality options that measure up to the latest and greatest. With the introduction of the Marquee Club presented by Lexus, the Fox Theatre Atlanta pays homage to its iconic heritage while introducing a modern premium amenity.  

Adina Erwin, Vice President and COO of the Fox Theatre Atlanta, says that understanding the marketplace conditions keyed the project’s planning.

“This project was born out of us really looking at the competitive landscape in the Atlanta market and recognizing that we are a historic venue, but that we are also a very active entertainment venue,” she says. “We realized that while we are positioned well from a historic perspective, we were not offering the ultimate guest experience in comparison to many of the other venues around the Atlanta area.”

But it’s not as simple as just designing and constructing a new premium club when your building is historic with immersive charm.

“One of the charges that we’ve been provided by the board is to really make sure that we are sustaining the preservation of the heritage of the Fox Theatre,” Erwin says. “But that we are also sustaining the business aspects so that this venue is here for future generations to enjoy.”

“When they show up at the door, we not only know their name, but what type of drink they want, which is already waiting for them.” 

– Adina Erwin, Fox Theatre Atlanta

The renovation zone of the Marquee Club presented by Lexus sits in the northeast corner of the Fox Theatre Atlanta. Once completed, the new premium experience will be a mix of indoor and outdoor elements over three levels – a ground level, a mezzanine level, and a rooftop terrace.

An elevated dining experience awaits guests with access to the Marquee Club. Menu concepts are yet to be finalized but will range from hors d'oeuvres to heavier offerings from action stations. And with the inclusion of five strategically placed bars, a good drink will never be out of reach.  

Concurrent with the renovation, the Fox is unveiling its new app, which provides a level of engagement and experience not previously attainable.

As Erwin points out, the Marquee Club will provide guests with the ability to preorder their drinks and their food by using this app.

"When they show up at the door, we not only know their name, but what type of drink they want, which is already waiting for them,” she says.

The Marquee Club presented by Lexus is set for completion in October of 2017, and is yet another great example of a performing arts center moving forward into the sphere of premium offerings.