How One Group Utilizes a Mix of Experience and Infrastructure to Capture the Online Suite Market

Utilizing proprietary distribution software, data analytics, pricing experts, market-based pricing tools, and a scalable fulfillment infrastructure, Stage Front drives revenue by efficiently distributing suites online.

While B2B purchases gravitate online more and more each day, the ability to purchase suites in an e-commerce fashion continues to lag. The data still says the personal relationship is the most important aspect in the lifetime value of a B2B customer. However, as the online commerce world grows, it is also equally important to first find the customers.

Stage Front utilizes our infrastructure to list suites on all major ticket marketplaces at once, price according to a data-focused strategy, and provide operational services required of a premium purchase, such as scalable exchange communication.

Our unique access to historical data allows us to focus on each inventory position specifically and adjust to maximize ROI. We are then able to work within our robust service centers to deliver tickets in a way that best suits each individual entity.

This approach has allowed us to remove the major objections on why not to list suites online:

Customer Service

  • Mobile ticketing allows customer outreach after the order or transfer of tickets.
  • Our robust web-based reporting allows rights holders to track sales in real-time, creating the ability for quick customer interaction.
  • Stage Front Fulfillment Services customizes packaging for hard stock tickets to include team contact information.

Online Experience

  • Retail infrastructure has advanced to create unique listing capabilities.
  • Stand-alone suite sites customize the user experience even further.

Efficient Marketing

  • Research shows a B2B customer looks specifically for information. Ticket exchanges provide the basics – location, price, number of tickets, and amenities.
  • They also invest heavily in digital awareness and repeat customer initiatives based on specific inventory on their site.
  • These sites also invest in using online profiling capabilities to draw out online customers with higher purchase intent.

In the end, the process for selling suites online has many similarities and differences to the retail side of ticketing. However, Stage Front has been able to create unique strategies because of experienced staffing, scalable infrastructure, and the necessary tools.

This venue solution was published in partnership with Stage Front’s ticket advisory service division.

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