How One Luxury Hotel Keeps Its Premium Guests Connected through an Easier Charging Experience

The famous Epicurean Hotel in Tampa, Florida partnered with PowerPuck® to provide travelers with a better way to power up.

The hotel industry is often a leading example for hospitality professionals in sports and entertainment who also rely on intelligent design and modern amenities to satisfy premium guests with discerning tastes and business objectives.

“People appreciate the thoughtfulness behind it. [Keeping our devices charged is] a necessity we all have. And if we can make it easier for people, then we’ve done something special for them.”

– Tom Haines, The Epicurean Hotel

When The Epicurean, the luxury hotel in southern Florida, wanted to add a few thoughtful touches of technology to create a better experience for guests, the PowerPuck System immediately drew their attention. Always looking to expand on its reputation for innovation, The Epicurean saw the system as an opportunity to be at the forefront of a better charging experience.

In consulting with the hotel, the PowerPuck team understood exactly what The Epicurean needed as far as customization and made sure it blended in with the hotel’s space. The team not only looked into seeing where power was needed but discovered where power could be brought to the most people.

Knowing the importance of installing the system seamlessly and without interrupting the guests’ experience, the PowerPuck team worked at night and during off-hours and in no time had the system installed in the hotel’s upstairs bar, downstairs bar, shoeshine stand, culinary theater, and guest rooms.

Guests at The Epicurean Hotel have discovered that an added touch of technology adds to the experience of their stay now that the PowerPuck System is leading the charge. Guests in sports stadiums and arenas surely are not far behind.

This venue solution was published in partnership with PowerPuck, a division of IDEAL Industries.

About PowerPuck

PowerPuck is a division of IDEAL Industries, Inc., a family-owned, professionally-run company with over a century of building relationships, providing top customer service, and setting the standard for products that serve technicians and workers across a wide range of industries, from electrical and construction to aerospace and automotive. The PowerPuck System is the groundbreaking new system that’s redefining how we charge our devices. Created from a realization that with all the recent advancements in mobile technology, there was still one thing that hadn’t kept pace with our phones and devices: the convenience of charging them.

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