How to Prevent Harmful Pathogens (Not Just COVID-19) in Stadiums, Arenas, and Training Centers

In this ALSD special feature, R-Zero Co-Founder Ben Boyer demonstrates how his company's Arc device combats harmful pathogens and why it is critical in reducing negative effects on our fans, staff, and players, as well as economic impacts on our venues.


COVID-19 shut down the sports and entertainment industry. But also consider the 40 million cases of seasonal influenza that impact worker absenteeism and daily productivity at an estimated cost of more than $87 billion annually, the $60 billion cost of healthcare expenses and lost productivity due to 21 million cases of norovirus, and the 100,000 Americans impacted by staph infections every year. The healthier we are, the healthier our economy is.

With its Arc, R-Zero has created a new standard of disinfection by democratizing UV-C power, a hospital-grade technology proven to destroy 99.99% of surface and airborne pathogens in just seven minutes. Unlike electrostatic spraying and manual disinfection methods, Arc is highly labor-efficient and designed to work within existing workflows. Less than two minutes of touch time per cycle means teams maintain productivity. IoT connectivity shares usage data in real time, providing an audit trail of all disinfection activities. And environmentally-friendly UV-C reduces chemical consumption and exposure, and is safe to use around food surfaces, electronics, furniture, and more.

This venue solution was published in partnership with R-Zero, a biosafety company dedicated to making the places we learn, play, and work safer everyday spaces and common places. R-Zero thoughtfully designs the most effective technologies and protocols to reduce our world of deadly pathogens – today and forever.

UV-C CASE STUDY: How the Sacramento Kings Protect Players and Fans with Hospital-Grade Disinfection in COVID-19 and Beyond