How Vulnerability Liberates Leaders and Those They Lead

As the one in charge, you need your team to trust you. Yet they want you to trust them. So who goes first? Leaders do! In this session, we will set aside words like “vision” and “mission” to establish the actionable skills any successful leader must develop to consistently motivate and inspire a team. How can you better lead, regardless of your title or tenure? Where do you start? How do you signal that this is a culture of safety, success, potential, and promise? Vulnerability doesn’t mean wimpy, and openness doesn’t mean complete transparency. But in this session we will lay out meaningful steps to build and keep trust. We’ll learn what you can do to create or be part of a culture that produces much greater outcomes than the sum of its parts.

Leadership Track

Starvine 12, West Convention Center, Level 3
Starvine 13, West Convention Center, Level 3
Start Time
3:15 p.m.
End Time
3:55 p.m.