Indianapolis Motor Speedway makeover to blend the old with the new

The $90 million renovation at Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS), dubbed Project 100 to coincide with the 100th running of the Indy 500 next May, is well underway.

Gone is 500,000 square feet of catch fence, to be replaced by a next generation mesh fence. Here and throughout the track, which was built in 1909, design themes are mixing modern with historic.

Project 100 will add many fan amenities to IMS, from new seats in the front grandstand to new communal space in the infield.

On the premium levels, the number of suites at IMS will be decreased from 27 to as few as six (the final mix is yet to be determined) to make room for 1,200 new club seats. These club seat holders will have access to a new upper level bar. At around $2,000 per seat, this club option offers a mid-level offering on race days as well as a premium location for special events on non-race days that was previously unavailable at IMS.

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