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As cord-cutting accelerates, the Worldwide Leader in Sports is cutting tens of millions of staff salary from its books. It’s a harbinger of potential downstream impacts that we simply can’t ignore. Don’t be left holding the severed cord.

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The Brew Crew Bar accommodates 150 guests with live music, drinks, tailgate games, and lounge seating.

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The £300 million project is being designed by Dan Meis.

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The four-seat, half-moon-shaped Park View Diamond Tables are priced at $20,000 annually. 

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Upgrades include new flooring, countertops, televisions, charging locations, tablets, and a variety of seating packages.

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The Brooklyn-based company is now the “Preferred Print, Promotional and Signage Company for Seton Hall Athletics.”

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Chart Master: When Ron Turner was the head coach, Bobbi stood behind him on the sidelines and charted the results of each play. “I learned all the signals that the quarterbacks gave from the sideline. That was an awesome experience for me.”

Meet Bobbi Busboom, Assistant AD for Development Operations at the University of Illinois.

Matt Hill, Senior Director of Suite Sales and Service, Tampa Bay Lightning and his son Guinn

He’s a product of the Canadian hockey system. He’s a Dutch National Champion. He’s a hockey lifer with an enduring competitive spirit, softened only by his young son, Guinn. He’s a new ALSD Board of Advisors member. He’s Matt Hill, Senior Director of Suite Sales and Service for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Keri Johnson (left), Senior Manager, and Rachael Johnson (right), Director of Guest Services & Premium Operations, Minnesota Wild & Xcel Energy Center

It takes all types to run a business. Crazy ideas as well as a conservative mindset are both needed for a balanced strategy. Meet Johnson & Johnson, the yin and yang of Xcel Energy Center services. The take-action leader and the methodical planner have enjoyed longstanding success and friendship in the Minnesota wild.

Kristin (Loeser) Miller, Director of Suite Services, Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club

A well-placed suite director once told me Kristin Loeser is the LeBron James of suite services. Get to know this All-Star as she talks about her upcoming wedding, her involvement in community service, her theatre degree, and her guts to move to New York City with no job, no friends, and only two suitcases in her possession.