InnerSpace Technology Inc.

Cerys Goodall 
President & COO
P: 905-251-0867

InnerSpace is the world's most accurate indoor location platform. It's designed to help you create better services and solutions for your customers and improve your venue operations. By understanding how your customers move within your venue, you can transform the guest experience, improve revenue, streamline security, and set new standards for the fan experience. The InnerSpace platform uses existing WiFi or IoT sensors to provide action-based analytics, insights and fan communications. With InnerSpace you can communicate wait times, direct fans to concession offerings, and highlight venue features in your mobile apps or digital signage. InnerSpace data informs retail and operations teams to improve staffing, increase sales, and respond in real-time to the impact of traffic flow in the building. Join the Fortune 500 clients working with InnerSpace to transform the indoor experience.