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ISBI 360 is the new “Gold Standard” in virtual training specific to the sports and entertainment industry. The unique, cumulative program uses a combination of targeted “Micro-Learning” video lessons from industry experts, role play videos recorded by participants, live coaching from working industry professionals, and ongoing training reinforcement 52 weeks a year.

Programs include three levels of Ticket Sales, Customer Service, Sponsorship Sales, Leadership, and Fan Engagement via Social Media, with new programs coming in 2021, including Safety and Security, Esports, Team Community Involvement, and Positive Mental Health.


Bill Guertin
Chief Learning Officer and SVP, Business Development

Brett Zalaski
Expert Trainer – Ticket Sales

Seth Rabinowitz
Expert Trainer – Fan Engagement via Social Media

Misha Sher
Expert Trainer – Sponsorship Sales

Mackie Feierstein
Vice President of Business Development
(954) 494-7969

About the Trainers

Bill Guertin – (“Essentials of Ticket Sales 101 and 102”) is Chief Learning Officer of ISBI 360 and known to many as “The 800-Pound Gorilla of Sales Performance”.   Bill has improved the lives and fortunes of thousands of sales reps, bringing his signature training methodology to over 100 sports sales organizations in the US, Canada, and Mexico. A two-time published author and keynote speaker, Bill is an eSpeakers Certified Virtual Presenter and Chief Learning Officer of ISBI 360, the virtual training network created specifically for sports and entertainment.
Brett Zalaski – (“The Actions that Sell Tickets”) is Managing Director of Talent Development at ISBI 360 and one of the foremost independent trainers in the sports industry.  Brett is the founder of Get After It Sales and the Empowerment of a Salesperson blog. His team experience includes successful sales positions in several sports, including Vice President of Ticket Sales and Service at the Houston Dynamo (MLS) and Houston Dash (NWSL). Brett was the first Director of the MLS National Sales Center in Blaine, MN, a groundbreaking sales training feeder program for Major League Soccer clubs. Brett Zalaski
Seth Rabinowitz – (“Agility, Access and Attitude: Engaging Your Audience with Social Media”) was a Vice President at the league level at the NFL for ten years before being hired as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Fan Engagement at the New York Jets in 2013. While at the Jets, Seth ran the then fledgling social media department, which became a model for many NFL clubs. Today, he consults for several clubs as President of Rabinowitz Ventures, an advisory firm specializing in developing fan engagement strategies for sports properties and venues, media companies, and consumer electronics manufacturers. Seth Rabinowitz
Misha Sher – (“The Art of the Perfect Pitch”) is the Worldwide Vice President, Sport & Entertainment, for MediaCom in London, England, one of the largest full-service sports marketing companies in the world. He oversees hundreds of millions of dollars in sports sponsorship, media placement, integrated marketing, and experiential campaigns to drive business growth for major worldwide brands, including American Airlines, Subway, indeed, Toyota, Shell, and Allianz. He serves as a board member of the European Sponsorship Association, and his book, The Art of the Perfect Pitch, has been repurposed in Micro-Learning form as a course on sponsorship on the ISBI 360 platform. Misha Sher
Kurt Hunzeker – (“Building Your Path to More: An Inclusive Approach to Driving New Revenues”) is Vice President of Minor League Business Operations at Major League Baseball (MLB), and has a deep, rich background in many facets of the business of sports.  Kurt has managed experiential programs for such iconic brands as Kellogg’s, Nike, and the NBA.  He spearheaded Rawlings’ entry into the digital space in key worldwide markets like Australia and Japan, and built go-to-market corporate partnership and fan engagement
Brian Searcy, Col. (Ret.) – (“Situational Safety in the World of Sports & Entertainment”) achieved a decorated senior leadership career as a commander and combat veteran in the United States Air Force.  After retiring from service, he transitioned into executive roles as a business entrepreneur, writer, publisher and public speaker, bringing his proven leadership experience to solve a need for relevant, effective programs in Situational Awareness.  The mindset and behaviors that are developed in his programs allow for critical decisions to be made in the complex dynamics of the home, school, workplace and community, for each person to grow as a leader, and to make us all safer.
Erik Stroman  – (“Knowing and Profiting from eSports & Gaming”) has been in the gaming and Esports industry for over 20 years.  He has developed brand partnerships for Activision/Blizzard worth over $100 million, and is co-founder of Esports Cities, a non-profit with the goal of advancing the Esports industry around the world.   Erik was involved in launching Fox Sports TV and is currently overseeing an Esports racing project that includes an element of STEM education in schools.  
Eric Kussin – (“Tune Up Your Brain for Positive Mental Health”) is a former sports industry executive with the NBA front office, Phoenix Suns & Mercury, New Jersey Devils and Florida Panthers.  He is Founder and CEO of the #SameHere Global Mental Health Movement, which started from Eric’s own personal experience with mental health challenges while in the sports industry and his desire to change the global conversation.   He speaks to thousands of people annually on creating awareness of the need for recognizing, diagnosing and maintaining a positive mental health status.  


Areas of Expertise:

Premium Sales
Ticket Sales
Premium Service
Guest or Customer Service
Sponsorships/Corporate Partnerships
Social Media

Sample Presentations:

Two-Minute Video Overview of ISBI 360: “Move Beyond the Challenging Times”
Three-Minute Ticket Sales Program Sampler: Bill Guertin
Three-Minute Customer Service Program Sampler: Debbie Knowlan

Training Types:

A science-based “Micro-Learning” program that has been proven to improve retention by up to 80%. The program includes professionally produced short video modules with assessments at the end of each video, a video role play exercise at the end of each module that participants record themselves actually doing what they just learned, live small group conference calls with a current industry pro, and an ongoing reinforcement program using the PRO+ Library of thousands of podcasts, webinars, and resources specific to the sports and entertainment industry.

Published Books:

The 800-Pound Gorilla of Sales: How to Dominate Your Market by Bill Guertin
Reality Sells: The Four Laws of Authenticity by Bill Guertin
The Art of Branded Entertainment by Misha Sher

Each of the Expert Faculty of ISBI 360 have presented numerous programs specific to their expertise at sports-specific conferences for the past 15 years, including ALSD, NSF, Baseball Winter Meetings, MiLB Innovators’ Summit, Advertising Week Europe Conference, and International Sports Convention (ISC).