ISBI 360 Digital Training Network

Bill Guertin, Chief Learning Officer
5708 W. 129th Street, Suite 360
Leawood, KS 66209
Phone:  (815) 549-9134

If you stress over providing high-quality, consistent and affordable training for your people, many sports and entertainment managers have found ISBI 360 to be the perfect solution.  ISBI 360 delivers training in small, daily 10-minute increments to build new positive habits over time vs. traditional "firehose" multi-day training programs.  Participants love being able to learn simple lessons and apply them in their daily routines right away.  With expert programs in Ticket Sales, Sponsorship, Customer Service, Leadership, and Social Media, ISBI 360 is a powerful, proven multi-disciplinary methodology that produces results!  Arrange for a brief, no-obligation demo today at