James DeMeo

James DeMeo
Founder, President & CEO
USESC: Unified Sports & Entertainment Security Consulting LLC

James A. DeMeo, M.S. has over 26 years in the Security Industry and is considered a subject matter expert in Event Security by several leading international and domestic magazines; Security Magazine, Security Management Magazine, and Pan Stadia. Mr. DeMeo earned his M.S. degree in Sport Management from Adelphi University in 2012. He was part of the AEG Leadership Team which opened the Barclay's Center in 2012 (Brooklyn NY).

Mr. DeMeo participated as an integral part of a research team including esteemed professors for a poster project presented at the North American Society for Sport Management Conference (NASSM, June 4th, 2016, Orlando, FL) entitled, "Professional Sport Security and Marketing Interface: A Delphi Study, "Assessing the Influence of Sport Security Operations on the Guest Experience: Using the Delphi Method to Understand Practitioner Perspectives," later published in The Journal of Sport Safety (The University of Southern Mississippi).

Mr. DeMeo has delivered presentations at several national conferences and has spoken at numerous colleges and universities throughout the U.S. on sport security operations. He is the Founder, President, and CEO of USESC (Unified Sports and Entertainment Security Consulting; smeventsecurity.com) based in Raleigh, NC. Additionally, Mr. DeMeo is writing a book related to the security industry, dealing with personal and family safety, with a tentative publishing date of December 2017.