Joseph Dennis

General Manager
Infinite Energy Center

Joseph "Joey" Dennis is the General Manager at Infinite Energy Center. In his role, he oversees all aspects of management, promotions, and operations of the facility which includes a 13,000-seat arena, a convention center, and a theater. He has served as a key player in the construction, design, and operation of the first 100 million dollar expansion of the campus and will continue to serve in the same capacity for the additional design renovations and development of the property currently under way.

During his more than 40 years of experience, Joseph served in various facility management roles. In addition to his work at Infinite Energy Center, he was also the assistant general manager of the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. Additionally, he served as the corporate director of engineering for LMI, which provided construction, design for arenas and multi-purpose facilities including Gwinnett Center/Infinite Energy Center, the Miami Arena, the Palm Springs Convention Center, the Sydney Superdome in Australia and the Compaq Center in Houston just to name a few. Joseph began his career in the public facilities industry in 1975 at the Von Braun Civic Center in Huntsville, Alabama as director of the engineering and technical services department.

Joseph holds a bachelor of science degree in technical education from the University of Athens, as well as an associate degree in refrigeration and air conditioning from Calhoun College. Additionally, he held many certifications in the mechanical and engineering fields and received a Gold Medal in 1984 from President Reagan for his achievements.

Joseph currently resides in Buford, Georgia. In his spare time, Joseph enjoys riding his motorcycle and spending time with his family.


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