Kill the PowerPoint

The use of decks when selling to businesses sits in the dark ages. The majority of tools come down to PowerPoint files or PDFs. None of these help the rep selling B2B know anything about the prospect.

B2B decks have come a long way since the 1990s. The majority of e-tail businesses are now utilizing functional digital presentation deck tools which allow them to see everything that their prospects do, from open to click to close, and the timeframe in which they do it in.

This insight can provide helpful information for any B2B sales rep, especially when pushing season or mini plans. Digital presentations sit in the cloud, show heat maps where prospects focused their cursors the most during a session, and demonstrate what they really care about.

A PowerPoint or PDF deck tells you none of these things, leaving the B2B rep in the dark on who the prospect is beyond an email address and what little information can be learned from other sources.

A digital presentation has the ability to refocus its information back into a CRM system, as well as create a whole list of workflows, sending e-mails to the prospect as well as setting alarms for the B2B sales rep. This approach galvanizes the amount of information that the B2B sales rep has, in order to know what the prospect's wants, needs, and desires are, even before making a single phone call.

B2B sales is no longer sitting on the phone, hoping that certain products will engage with the prospect. It's about targeted information which allows the B2B rep to focus and hone in on exactly what matters more, and then to sell that product to the prospect.

The trouble is that PowerPoints and PDFs are easy to create. So B2B reps are forced into these long-dead models that other sales industries left long ago. But doing the right thing, even if there is more expense to it, can mean the difference between profitable and unprofitable quarters for years to come.

Kill the PowerPoint and be done with it. 

About the Author: Troy Kirby is the Founder of The Tao of Sports.


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