Korbel co-brands party suite to celebrate Angels 50th Anniversary


The activated space delivers brand recognition while enhancing the fan experience

Maria Dinh
Sponsorship Services Manager
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Joe Kaufman
Sales Manager
BPGraphics, Inc.
Mike Chevalier
New Business Development Manager
The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are no strangers to popping a few celebratory champagne corks. Over the years, the organization has established a culture of winning that includes eight American League West Division titles, an American League Pennant and a World Series title. This 2011 season marks the 50th Anniversary of Angels baseball, a season-long celebration of these championship memories and yet another reason to break out the bubbly. 
The Angels champagne of choice is Korbel, a long-standing partner of the organization. As part of celebrating the franchise’s golden anniversary, the Angels approached Korbel, who was looking for more in-stadium recognition, about co-branding one of Angel Stadium’s four party suites. “There were various concepts that were pitched to them to provide recognition,” explains Maria Dinh, Sponsorship Services Manager for the Angels. “But because this is a nightly rental suite, and every night is a different group with different people coming through, the suite branding option is the one they grabbed onto.”
“Korbel loved the idea of branding the suite,” echoes Joe Kaufman, Sales Manager for BPGraphics, who handled all printing for the project. “The images from when the Angels were in the World Series and other noteworthy moments in club history combined together with Korbel subtly in the background worked perfectly. It was a great tie-in to the 50th Anniversary.”
Project Details:
To liven up the room and transform what was a generic space with plain walls into a marketing showcase establishing personal connections between patrons and the Korbel brand, the Angels turned to images printed by BPGraphics on SUITE-artTM materials from FLEXcon.
Initial conversations between BPGraphics and the Angels took place in mid-April. Within 60 days, the project was complete. “The hardest part was going back into our archives and selecting which pictures to use,” Dinh says. “Korbel wanted to show the tie-in with the team using their champagne bottles, which we use in our clubhouse every time we have a celebration. Whether that is clinching the division or winning the World Series, they are all featured in the suite.” 
Once graphics were agreed upon, the entire process took less than a week. Printing is a 2-3 day job, and installation takes only one day. 
The suite branding solution has been initially utilized in other venues by suite holders (See “Caterpillar drives suite remodel at Mall of America Field”, SEAT Magazine, Fall 2010) who have annual or multi-year lease agreements. Branding a nightly rental suite as well as tying into a team initiative are innovative twists on the emerging trend. “The biggest difference in this project was the co-branding and having the Angels involved with it,” Kaufman points out.
SUITE-artTM materials are easy to install and remove, ensuring the suite can be returned to its original state. The Korbel suite used a high-performance, light-weight, poly-coated white fabric film with a unique woven texture, a high-end product alternative to vinyl for indoor wall graphics. The film captures high-density color, has excellent lay-flat release liner properties and is available finished in a variety of roll lengths and sheet sizes. 
Final costs of the Korbel sponsored suite were not disclosed, but were “well within (Korbel’s) budget”, states Dinh. “They were really happy with the end result.”
The association with the Angels 50th Anniversary brings Korbel notoriety every game day and increased ROI as well as enhances the fan experience for all who occupy the suite. “Korbel did such a nice job with the photos they selected,” Kaufman observes. “There are a lot of cool shots throughout the past 50 years of the team celebrating in the clubhouse that have never been seen publically.” 
The suite branding was a great success for FLEXcon and BPGraphics. “The project went amazingly smooth,” summarizes Kaufman. “From the print production to the install, there were no glitches.” 
What’s Next:
Obviously, next season will no longer be the Angels 50th Anniversary, but Korbel may make suite branding a permanent solution. “They like the whole concept,” contends Dinh. “So they’re looking into possibilities for next year.”
The Angels are also looking into incorporating branding next season for patrons who lease suites at Angel Stadium. The branding concept is included on a presentation shown to sponsors and suite holders, and the Angels are starting to show the Korbel suite to further awareness of the solution. According to Dinh, those having seen the space have expressed interest.
One of the benefits of SUITE-artTM is its versatility. Should a sponsor or suite holder desire to brand more than walls, FLEXcon’s SUITE-artTM product line includes solutions for floors, countertops, windows, doors and other surfaces the Angels will look at in the off-season. “I’d like to look at more of the little details than what was done in the Korbel suite,” states Dinh. “We can do the floors, counters and trimming. I’d love to have other clients look into all the possibilities.”