Lancaster Research Publishes Voice of the American Fan Report


The Voice of the American Fan Report compiles data from a national and diverse group of survey respondents to provide timely and actionable observations detailing preferred media consumption, emotional triggers, and more valuable insights for reaching target markets.

Thirty-three-percent of sports fans interviewed stated that they have stopped following a sport that they enjoyed when they were younger. Of those 33%, more than half said they had abandoned the sport in their twenties or thirties. With simple data visualizations and analysis, the Voice of the American Fan illustrates the value fans provide throughout their lifetime and gives insights on how best to maintain these fans’ engagement.

Voice of the American Fan allows sports professionals to better understand their customers, including the 20% who self-identified as die-hard fans. Based on Lancaster Research’s extensive history in the sports category, the report provides deep insights into relevant topics and issues crucial to those who market to sports fans.


Lancaster Research
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