Laura Zimbrick

Corporate Partnership Premium Seating Manager
Fox Theatre

As is the case with all entertainment venues, the Fox Theatre wishes to offer the very best experience to all of our patrons. With so much competition for people’s time and money these days, the importance of providing a consistent high-end experience is that much greater. For those patrons that choose a premium experience, we want to ensure we surpass the gold standard in every aspect of their time with us. Many Performing Arts Centers, especially historic ones or those with resident companies, are not able to renovate current seating configurations or build new spaces. Due to this challenge, it is much more important to incorporate creative solutions that will garner the same premium experience that many “VIPs” expect when attending sporting events and other forms of entertainment. Our membership in ALSD has allowed us to better understand the luxury market throughout the entire live entertainment industry and has provided us with innovative ideas that we can use in our own theatre. Better yet, we are not only tapped into the latest industry trends, but thanks to the network of vendors and venues ALSD has built up, we are properly positioned to be on the cutting edge from this day forward.