Legacy Leather Co.

Wes Boyd, Co-Founder
3209 Canton Street
Dallas, TX 75226
P: 214-929-6263

Imagine a luxury suites operator could have its clients carry and use a product that reminded them of their experiences and relationship with the facility or team…every day... multiple times a day... for years to come. Legacy Leather helps its luxury suites operator clients maximize client engagement and loyalty by providing PERSONALIZED, custom branded wallets that are made with the most premium quality leather and warrantied for life.  An operator who purchases the wallets as a gift for its clients is spending less than 1 penny/day per client given the typical longevity of the product.  Legacy Leather will bring its portable heat stamping machines to deboss gift recipient initials in its leather wallets on-site at key stakeholder events…it's the most personalized gift experience that lasts a legacy!