Multi-Use Venues: Your Guide to Capturing New Audiences

In this new guide for multi-use venues, the experts at Samsung discuss the nuances of different fan bases and what they mean for your venue’s AV technology solution.


Professional sports venues are major investments. Hundreds of millions of dollars are often spent on these projects, and the results are undeniably spectacular. But how can venues use that space to appeal to more than just sports fans and deliver new experiences?

With ever-improving innovations and fresh, creative display solutions, gone are the days of serving a single purpose. Sports venues are moving into a new era of always-on, multi-use entertainment.

Fans seek the best. And although audiences hold unique motivations, they do have something in common: They all crave the feeling of belonging to something greater than themselves. Audiences love live events because there is no digital substitute for the energy of the real thing. This feeling of inclusivity and community are universal for event goers, and it can mean a lot of things for venues, most importantly that there’s plenty of opportunity for growth.

In recent years, there has been major progress in display technology. Companies are offering higher resolution, tighter pixel pitch, larger sizes, and more creative solutions to their customers. Spaces can also implement better sound systems, interactive boards, and improved 5G Wi-Fi.

Enhancements don’t have to be limited to the interior of stadiums. Venues are looking at exterior spaces with the same lens. Adding exterior displays and interactive technology turns tailgates, parking lots, and areas around the stadium into a communal space, giving audiences of all sorts a space to congregate and feel a sense of belonging. Plus, with growing customization options, there are endless ways to tailor the experience.

It’s no longer feasible for venues to function as utilitarian destinations primarily for sporting events. The need for flexibility to support a variety of events is more important than ever, and digital display technology is the key to making it happen.

This venue solution was published in partnership with Samsung Electronics America.

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