New Jersey Nets announce social media night

This would be an even sweeter deal if Carmelo Anthony is there.

Earlier this week, the New Jersey Nets announced "Nets Social Media Night" on Friday, January 21st, a unique idea intended to promote following the Nets on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Formspring.
Originally announced online, the deal includes a 50% discount on lower level tickets for the night, a Nets gift bag that includes a t-shirt and game vouchers, a post-game autograph session with Devin Harris and Kris Humphries, 15% discounts on Nets merchandise, and the chance to win other great prizes...all for $37.50.
Normally, a game at the Prudential Center between two sub-par teams in the Nets and Detroit Pistons wouldn't gather much attention, but this offer seems too good to turn down. Even the fan club for Atlanta Hawks guard Jamal Crawford tweeted, JamalCrawFans Wish the @atlanta_hawks would offer something like this http://netssocialmediani... *cough cough*."
Not many other teams would ever offer such a great deal, but then again, not many other teams are having the same attendance problems as the Nets.
Yet, despite the Nets' recent struggles, this is a unique opportunity for fans to meet the players they enjoy watching and get to see a live game in seats they may not otherwise be able to obtain. The whole evening should really make the Nets' faithful feel appreciated by the organization and may get them excited about Nets basketball once again.
Also, strategically, this is a great PR event for the Nets. With the Carmelo Anthony trade talks heating up in the past few weeks, there could not be a better time to set this event in motion and expand their fan base on Twitter and the like.
Who knows? Perhaps by the time Nets Social Media Night rolls around, Anthony will be part of that post-game autograph session.
Personally, I have already ordered tickets for me and a few friends, and I encourage any fan semi-interested in attending a Nets game this year to hop on the offer as soon as possible.
Editor's Note: The Phoenix Suns are executing a similar promotion, "Suns Facebook Night" sponsored by the Arizona Lottery. With team and marketing messaging through social media trending upwards, these types of promotions will become commonplace.
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