New MLS-SeatGeek partnership could change the ticketing industry

Major League Soccer has entered into a partnership with SeatGeek, becoming the first professional sports league to create an open ticket network that allows third-party websites to sell tickets to its games. Ticket holders will also now be able to resell tickets anywhere and on more than one site at once.

The MLS-SeatGeek deal is a paradigm shift for the sports and entertainment industry, which up until recently guarded its closed ticket networks tightly. It comes in the wake of the deal earlier this year between the Philadelphia 76ers and StubHub, who became the primary ticket seller for the 76ers.

SeatGeek’s technology allows any partner site to become a portal to sell seats. These partner sites are able to verify the seat and sell it, which means a ticket can be listed in several places and removed once it is sold. SeatGeek can also track all ticket sales and provide detailed buyer information for each sale.

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