New Orleans Hornets get aggressive with 100 events in 100 days

The organization is aiming to sell 10,000 season tickets by mid-September.

Article Synopsis:
In the midst of the NBA lockout, the New Orleans Hornets are making a determined effort to sell 10,000 season tickets by mid-September through the organization’s 100 events in 100 days campaign dubbed “I’m In, Are You?”.
The Hornets have experienced great success thus far, sitting at 8,500 full season tickets sold which ranks second in the NBA.
The Hornets are gearing up for a series of industry-specific events for oil and gas, medical professions and others. Their aim is to show all the uses for tickets and to provide best practices on how other businesses and industries are successfully utilizing tickets.
Each person who attends one of the 100 events receives two club seats to a game next season. Other perks are available for buyers, depending upon number of tickets purchased and seat locations.


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